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How long can I work with a job agency in The Netherlands?

We often get the question – how long can I work for a job agency in The Netherlands? In this blog, we’ll answer that in detail with up-to-date information. The rules changed recently, so beware for outdated info online!

Maintenance tips for your car in the Netherlands

Driving a car in the Netherlands? In this blog we share some tips about car maintenance. From how to clean your car, to how to make sure it is safe to hit the road.

4 Magical winter activities in The Netherlands

Flex workers in the Netherlands enjoying a winter activity

It’s almost winter in The Netherlands! These 4 magical winter activities are exactly the motivation you need to get outside and enjoy the holiday spirit.

The top 4 benefits of Dutch working conditions

The Netherlands is infamous for its high labor taxes, but the reality is that you get many benefits in return! In this blog, we share the top 4 benefits of working under Dutch working conditions.

Public transport 101: How to get around in The Netherlands

Public transport is a great and affordable way to travel in The Netherlands, but it can be challenging to navigate at first. This blog is here to prepare you for your first trip with public transport in The Netherlands!

Certificates explained: SNF, SNA, and NBBU

At EU-People, we’re very proud of our SNF, SNA, and NBBU certificates. In this blog, we explain what each certificate is for and why it matters that we have them.

4 Must-do activities for autumn in The Netherlands

Have some fun this autumn! This blog lists 4 of the best autumn activities The Netherlands has to offer.

Find the best deals to fuel your car in The Netherlands

Car fuel prices are no joke these days. In this blog, we provide some tips to help you find cheaper prices and use less fuel in The Netherlands.

8 tips for saving energy at home

With energy prices skyrocketing, this blog will help you reduce your energy usage and save money.

Tax in The Netherlands – it’s not all bad!

You could save up to €150 per month with an extra-territorial tax discount! In this blog, we’ll help you find out if you meet the requirements for this tax benefit.