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Machine operator

Machine operators will enjoy this job at a small-scale production facility in Zevenbergen! In a small team, you’ll help produce glass capsule adhesive anchors for the construction industry.
As a machine operator, you’ll be supervising the process of production machines. You’ll remove and pack the finished products while feeding the machine with raw materials. You’re responsible for a final quality check as well. 
DBN allows you great freedom to create your own workflow, as long as your results are consistent and you follow the safety regulations. You’ll be welcomed by a small team of friendly and dedicated colleagues. Chemicals are involved in the production process, but there’s good ventilation at all times and sensors continuously check air quality. Just to be safe, it’s best not to work here when pregnant.
Working hours:

What do you bring?

  • Intermediate or better English (level B2 or above)
  • You have your own housing & transport near Zevenbergen
  • Some experience with machines is preferred
  • You have some technical experience (work or hobby) to show for
  • You’re willing to learn and learn quickly
  • You’re accurate and work carefully
  • You have a reliable appearance at work
  • You’re available long-term
  • Safety shoes S3 required

What's in it for you?

  • Work in a stable company with an established position in the market
  • Friendly work atmosphere in a small and dedicated team
  • Travel expenses refund (10-20km one way at €0,19 per km)
  • Weekly payments in full on your bank account
  • Access to healthcare insurance with full coverage
  • €200 yearly for emergency dental care (if using our health insurance)
  • Personal contact with your Job Coach
  • We can help you to receive Zorgtoeslag
  • We can help you apply for an Extra-Territorial Costs tax discount


DBN produces chemical anchors, which are used to permanently fuse concrete blocks. First, a hole is drilled into the concrete. This hole is filled with a chemical anchor, which is then crushed by a special machine. Once the chemical anchor is crushed, the chemicals mix and form an extreme strong adhesive. A second concrete block is then attached to the initial block, and after some time it will be impossible to separate them. The adhesive is so strong, that the weakest link in the construction is the metal interior of the concrete blocks – not the glue sites!


Function Working week Gross wage %
Production worker40 H p/wk10.34100


Job description %
01. OT Mon till Fri125
02. OT Sat150
03. OT Sun200
04. OT Public holiday 200


Type Description Amount

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