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Tell a Friend!

Invite a friend to work at ZARA and get a €25 Bol.com gift card!

1. Tell a friend

Invite a friend to work with EU-People at Zara using the sign-up sheet above. Your friend receives an automatic email with an invitation to finalize his or her sign-up.

2. Work at EU-People

Your friend signs the contract & starts working. Meanwhile, you continue to work with EU-People. You both comply with our code of conduct*.

* Our code of conduct can be found below

3. Get rewarded!

After 6 weeks of both working at EU-People, you'll receive a €25 Bol.com Gift Card!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Yes, you can! You can earn a €25 Bol.com Gift Card for each friend – provided that the terms & conditions are met. 

Our EU-People code of conduct is a list of things we expect from our employees. They’re based on the usual (spoken and unspoken) agreements between companies and their employees.

1. Show up for work according to the planning (no “no-shows”)
2. Know and follow the rules at work (without warnings)
3. Know and follow the house rules if you have company housing (without warnings)

As long as you and your friend comply with this code of conduct, you can both earn your refer-a-friend bonus.