Refer a Friend promotion Terms & Conditions

  1. The organizer of the “Refer a friend to Zara” promotion is EU-People B.V., Esp 216, 5633 AC Eindhoven. The promotion is organized throughout The Netherlands, based on the Terms & Conditions described here and applicable Dutch law. The aim of the promotion is to award a €25 Bol.com Gift Card to active employees who recommend a new employee when (s)he starts working in the Netherlands and meets the requirements mentioned in the Terms & Conditions described here.
  2. The Terms & Conditions of this promotion are available on this page, as well as at EU-People offices and via email: administration@eu-people.com. 
  3. The “Refer a friend to Zara” promotion is valid from 15/7/2022 until further notice.
  4. Every active EU-People B.V. employee of 18 years or older working at Zara can take part in the “Refer a Friend to Zara” promotion, with “active” meaning currently working. EU-People office staff is excluded from participation.
  5. The invited friend has to meet the requirements of a Zara job offer to be contracted by EU-People B.V. and participate in the “Refer a Friend to Zara” promotion.
  6. The invited friend receives an automatic email from the employee when (s)he fills out the invite form. EU-People B.V. will only contact the invited friend when (s)he responds to said email. The email address will not be used for any other purpose. If the invited friend does not respond to said email, their email address will be deleted.
  7. Each employee can refer multiple friends as part of the “Refer a Friend to Zara” promotion. The bonus of a €25 Bol.com Gift Card will apply to each one, as long as all Terms & Conditions described here are met.
  8. For earning a €25 Bol.com Gift Card, the employee and their friend need to (1) both be working at EU-People B.V. for 6 uninterrupted weeks, (2) be at work according to the planning every day (without “No Show”), (3) know and follow the rules at work (no warnings accepted).
  9. EU-People B.V. reserves the right to change the form of payment if required by legal regulations.
  10. EU-People B.V. reserves the right to prolong or terminate the “Refer a Friend at Zara” promotion if so desired.
  11. In case of disputes, the employee can submit a written complaint to EU-People B.V. by sending an email to administration@eu-people.com.