Reach truck driver

€ 14,92 - 18,65 per hour

reach truck • 38 hours • 4 shifts • shift bonus • voice pick • camera-enabled reach truck • experience required • certificate required • travel allowance • direct contract possible • free beverages

Join our team at Action, a popular brand with stores across Europe. We're looking for people with at least 3 months of experience as a reach truck driver. You'll work in a modern warehouse using VoicePick and a reach truck with camera. We have company housing and transport available if you need it. Our recruiters can tell you all about it!

What You'll Do As a Reach Truck Driver at Action:

  • Safely drive a camera-enabled reach truck suitable for double-deep storage.
  • Store, relocate, and pick pallets inside the warehouse.
  • Scan products and ensure they arrive at the correct dock.
  • Perform other warehouse tasks if necessary.

Working hours*:

Shift 1 | 05:00 – 14:00

Shift 2 | 06:00 – 15:00

Shift 3 | 14:00 – 23:00

Shift 4 | 15:00 – 24:00

*subject to change

Job benefits

  • Long-term job at a modern Action warehouse.
  • Pleasant and safe working environment with an international team.
  • Voice Pick system and camera-enabled reach truck.
  • Shift bonus of 25% after 20:00.
  • Competitive salary of €14,92 – 18,65 per hour (including shift bonus).
  • Chance to get a direct contract with Action.
  • Modern canteen with affordable, daily fresh products.
  • Free transport to work (optional).
  • Travel allowance (when using your own car).
  • Free beverages: coffee, tea, etc.

Job requirements

  • Be available for at least 38 hours per week.
  • Know a bit of English (level B1).
  • Be willing to work in shifts, and possibly on Saturdays (bonus pay!).
  • Have a valid reach truck certificate.
  • Have 3+ months of experience as a reach truck driver.
  • Have experience with double-deep storage.
  • Ideally, have some experience using Voice Pick (not required).
  • Be ready to perform other warehouse tasks if needed.

About the company

Action is a fast-growing non-food discounter with Dutch roots. It sells low-budget products and operates more than 2.200 stores spread over ten countries in Europe. As the company continues to grow, new employees are continuously needed and good employees are promoted to higher functions. The warehouse has modern facilities, such as a well-equipped cafeteria with affordable fresh products. You'll have modern tools to work with, such as a Voice Pick system and a camera-enabled reach truck. Safety is the number one priority inside the warehouse. Your international team of colleagues will help you feel right at home.

Check out the video below to see what it’s like to work as a reach truck driver at Action. You can turn on the English subtitles if you don't understand Dutch.

EU-People benefits

At EU-People, we aim to make your working experience as carefree as possible. 

  • Salary paid out every Thursday (always on time and in full)
  • Optional company housing & transport (if available)
  • Optional health insurance (lower own risk and other benefits)
  • Earn up to €40 NET/week extra for driving the company car
  • We help you apply for Zorgtoeslag (€90/month)
  • We help you apply for tax discounts
  • We help you arrange your BSN*
  • Rental bikes available (optional)
  • SNA certified company
  • SNF certified housing
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Retirement arranged via STIPP

Our friendly team is always available for your questions, complaints, or feedback. Even outside office hours, in case of emergencies.

*depending on staff availability

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