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Being a driver with EU-People

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As you may know, we offer free transport to work for everyone in our company housing. Not only that… You can actually earn EXTRA money, simply by getting to work! If you become an EU-People driver, you can earn up to €40 NET/week extra on top of your salary.


This one may be obvious, but you need a category B driver’s license to become an EU-People driver. It’s important that you know how to drive stick shift without damaging the gearbox. Last but not least, you’ll need to be reliable: no-shows can cause a lot of problems for the people who depend on you for transport.

How it works

Being an EU-People driver is extremely simple. You receive the keys to an EU-People car or van, as well as a special card to pay for fuel. You’ll drive yourself to work and also bring your colleagues that live in the same house as you. You don’t need to pick anyone up from anywhere else. So really, you just drive to work on time and take your colleagues with you, from your own home!

Fuel and maintenance

If you drive the car, you receive a tank card and a weekly payment of up to €40 NET. The tank card is used to pay for fuel. Other than that, you should use a small portion of your weekly payment to keep the car clean – both inside and outside. The weekly payment is transferred to your bank account, together with your weekly salary payment.


As an EU-People driver, you receive up to €40 NET/week extra on top of your salary. You are also guaranteed more hours because you’re helping others get to work as well. This helps you earn more money each week. Last but not least, you’re allowed to stop at a grocery store on your way home from work (some terms & conditions apply). It will help make your life a lot easier!

How to become an EU-People driver

Interested in becoming an EU-People driver? Go ahead and apply for one of our jobs. Make sure to let us know that you have a driver’s license! Or simply send your CV to info@eu-people.com. It’s a good idea to mention your driver’s license in your CV.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us or leave a comment below.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to pay you soon!

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