Nice to meet you!

Thank you for visiting our website and wanting to get to know us better. We're a leading flexlabor agency specialized in offering good work experiences for European citizens at Dutch companies in need of extra staff.

We excist since September 2006. It has always been our mission to provide a better alternative for the many unpersonal job agencies with sometimes underpayment, illegal practices and poor working and living conditions for there employees.

We're proud to say that we are a professional and trustworthy job agency that truly cares about the welfare of both our employees and our customers.

Own recruitment office.

Based on specific properties of our customers, our own recruitment office in Poland - under guidance of the same managing director - starts searching immediately for the perfect candidate. For our employees, this means that there’s a direct contact with us from day one. For our customers, it results in a quickl and easy adapt our search criteria in case of changing circumstances. We are always active and actual.

Personal touch.

We are ready to assist you whenever you need it. We support our employees on the job and assist in applying for all kinds of social security and tax discounts or other advantages. Our customers enjoy a specialized personal Customer Focus Team, consisting of specialists who are familiar with the ins and outs of their company.

Satisfied employees.

Satisfied employees are the foundation of a healthy organization. We go above and beyond to ensure a good experience for our employees. We offer high quality comfortable housing, modern and safe transport, and good wages. In present covid-19 times we even went a step further. Feel free to have a look at our job seekers page for more information. Or contact us for a personnel explantation.

Our team

In Holland, Poland, Estonia and Hungary you will find our teams consisting of Recruiters, Jobcoaches, Facility specialists, Transpaort controllers, Administrators, HR-specialists and their managers ready to work for you. Give them a challenge and be surprised.

Our people