Working in the Netherlands

Thanks to its amazing infrastructure, the Netherlands is huge in logistics and production. This creates many job opportunities!


Besides Dutch, many people in the Netherlands speak English as well. If you speak a bit of English, you’ll have no trouble finding work in the logistics and production sector. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find high-quality jobs on your own. That’s where we come in!


At EU-People, we select the best companies with top salaries, excellent working conditions, fun work environments, and possibilities for direct contracts in the long run. Then, we look for the best-fitting candidates – could this be you? – and match them with the right companies. We even offer housing and free transport to work if you need it.

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Benefits of working in the Netherlands

Working in the Netherlands comes with a lot of benefits: we’re famous for our high standard of living and excellent working conditions! For starters, the Netherlands is among the best-paying countries in all of Europe (2024). There’s also a superb work-life balance. When working in the Netherlands full-time, you’ll get at least 20 paid vacation days per year – excluding national holidays – and at least 8% vacation money on top of your hourly salary. At work and in daily life, you’ll find a diverse atmosphere, with people from many different nationalities and walks of life working together. Last, but not least, there are many social benefits to enjoy, such as healthcare benefit (Zorgtoeslag), Extra-Territorial tax discount, housing benefit (Huurtoeslag), child benefit (Kinderbijslag), and more.

How EU People Can Help You Getting a Job in the Netherlands

At EU-People, we specialize in matching high-quality companies with professional candidates like you! By working in the Netherlands via our agency, you’ll easily find a way in at well-established companies. You’ll be paid every week, straight into your bank account. There is a housing shortage in the Netherlands, but when working with us you won’t have to worry about that. We offer comfortable and affordable accommodation and include free transport to work as well. Our transport to work is free of charge in modern cars or vans. If you’re willing to drive the company car, you can even earn up to €40/week extra!


When working and living with us in the Netherlands, we are available 24/7 for emergency help. During office hours, we can help you arrange healthcare insurance, which is mandatory in the Netherlands, and provide help with getting a BSN, Extra-Territorial tax discount, Zorgtoeslag, and more. Last but not least, working with us can be a great step towards working and living in the Netherlands more permanently. After some time on the job with good performance, many of our partners offer direct contracts for long-term work – if you want it.

What You Can Expect When Working in the Netherlands

When you have a full-time job in the Netherlands, you’ll be working about 36-40 hours per week. Anything extra is considered overtime and comes with a higher NET reward per hour. You’ll build up at least 20 paid vacation days per year, but many companies offer more than that. All these regulations are set by law to make sure there is a good work-life balance for everyone in the Netherlands. As a temporary worker, you should receive the same NET reward as any of your colleagues doing the same work. You are entitled to that by law!


The minimum salary is €13,27 per hour for anyone who is at least 21 years old (2024). That comes down to a monthly salary of €2.317,83. On top of this, you’ll receive at least 8% vacation money. It’s traditionally paid in a lump sum in May or June, so that you can enjoy this money during a summer vacation. These financial arrangements ensure that you make a livable wage that allows you to enjoy your personal life as well. Companies in the Netherlands are subject to strict regulations to ensure your safety at work.

Job Offers through EU-People

At EU-People, we specialize in logistics and production jobs in the Netherlands. In the logistics sector, we are constantly looking for order pickers, warehouse workers, reach truck drivers, and forklift drivers. We also offer jobs for complete beginners with no experience, so it’s possible to start your logistics career with us! In production, we have a great variety of offers. This includes traditional packer and machine operator jobs, but also woodworking jobs and assembly jobs in high-tech cleanrooms. Long story short, we have many different offers to easily get you started on working in the Netherlands!

€ 13,67 per hour

full-time • 2 shifts • shift bonus • assembly • technical • travel allowance • growth opportunities • direct contract possible • forklift • reach-truck • stacker • tools • free hot beverages

€ 13,81 – 20,72 per hour

full-time • 36 hours • shift allowance • cold & freeze bonus • travel allowance • voice pick • remote-controlled EPT • free beverages • free fruit • experience required

€ 14,50 – 19,02 per hour

production • technical • full-time • long-term • day shift • Polish preferred • technical drawings • free hot beverages • travel allowance • direct contract possible • overtime of up to 10h/week

Accommodations provided by EU-People during your time

There is a housing shortage in the Netherlands, but when working with us you won’t have to worry about that. We offer comfortable and affordable accommodation so that you can focus on making money instead. Your comfort is important to us, because the better you feel at home, the better you’ll feel at work. That’s why our houses offer fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms, as well as spacious living areas for you to bond with your housemates and enjoy your time off. You’ll sleep in a bedroom with at the maximum one other roommate. On many occasions, we offer single rooms as well. All our EU-People housing is conveniently located close to work. You’ll enjoy all this and more for the price of ±€90/week after applying the Extra-Territorial tax discount.


Want to learn more about our accomodation? Read all about it at: Working in the Netherlands with Accommodation. (Page live soon!)

Working in the Netherlands for Couples

Want to bring your partner when working in the Netherlands? We help couples find a great place to work with the opportunity to also live together in our accommodation. At the start of your application, our recruiters will familiarize themselves with the CVs of both you and your partner. From there, we will try to find a company that could use both of your skill sets. Wherever possible, we’ll try to follow your preferences for working together or apart, and when living in our housing, you can sleep in the same room together.


Find out more about working in the Netherlands as a couple at: Working in the Netherlands for Couples

Working in the Netherlands Without Speaking the Language

Yes, you can work in the Netherlands without speaking Dutch! Many people in the Netherlands speak a good amount of English – especially young people. For most of our jobs, you’ll feel right at home if you speak some English (level B1 or better). Sometimes we even have offers where very limited English is also okay.


For more in-depth information, keep reading at: Working in the Netherlands without language. (Page live soon!)

What You Need to Arrange When Working in the Netherlands

When working in the Netherlands, there’s a couple of things to keep in mind. For starters, you’ll need a burgerservicenummer (BSN) and mandatory healthcare insurance. There are also several benefits to request, such as Extra-territorial tax discounts, healthcare allowance, and more. These things can be difficult to arrange if you’re not familiar with Dutch law and you don’t speak the language. But don’t worry: when you work with us in the Netherlands we will happily help you take care of these things!


If you want to be well prepared for working in the Netherlands, make sure to read our blog about The top 5 most important things to arrange before working in the Netherlands.

What People Say About EU People

When working with us in the Netherlands, our cooperation will be easy, fair, friendly and with mutual respect. But don’t just take our word for it – read about the experience of our previous employees!

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