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Come have a look at the offers below. Check out the details and find the job that suits you best! Each offer has an instant online application form where you can upload your CV. We look forward to working with you!


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Become the newest woodworker in the workshop of HQ Pack! Experience is preferred, but if you’re a quick learner: don’t be shy, please apply!

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Carpenter40.00H p/wk14.79 100%

Experienced recruiter

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Foam production worker

If you can use a hairdryer, this job will be a breeze! 😉 Work with us as a foam production worker for HQ Pack in Eindhoven and earn a great salary of €14,79 – 16,30 gross per hour.

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Foam production worker40.00H p/wk14.79 100%

Forklift driver

Know how to drive a Forklift truck and have a valid certificate? Work with us at HQ Pack in Eindhoven and enjoy a variety of activities.

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Forklift driver40.00H p/wk14.79 100%

Loader / unloader

Get to work at a parcel sorting facility in Oirschot! Earn up to €467 NET/week after housing and insurance costs – no experience needed!

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Loader / unloader38.75H p/wk11.86 100%

Logistic employee

Do you have EPT experience and a valid license? Work with us as a logistic employee at HQ Pack in Eindhoven!

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Logistic employee40.00H p/wk14.79 100%

Order picker (Voice Pick)

Are you an experienced order picker or want to learn how to do it? Work with us at a modern Action warehouse in Echt using VoicePick and a remote-controlled EPT.

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Order picker (Voice Pick)38.00H p/wk13.01 100%

Production worker

Exciting job in an advanced production warehouse with modern machines. Come work with us for Perfect Coat in Beringe!

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Production worker38.00H p/wk12.50 100%

Production worker / cleanroom operator

Grab this chance to learn a new skill and boost your career! Work with us as a cleanroom operator for HQ Pack in Eindhoven and enjoy a great salary.

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Production worker / cleanroom operator40.00H p/wk14.79 100%

Reach truck driver

Are you an experienced reach truck driver? Work with us at a modern Action warehouse in Echt using VoicePick and a reach truck with camera.

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Reach truck driver38.00H p/wk14.52 100%

Warehouse cleaner

Wonderful entry-level job to kick-start your logistics career. Come work with us as a warehouse cleaner for an Action warehouse in Echt – no experience needed!

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Warehouse cleaner38.00H p/wk12.37 100%

Warehouse employee

Learn on the job as a warehouse employee for a supermarket warehouse near Breda. Driving an EPT, you’ll use a Paper Pick system to perform different warehouse tasks.

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Warehouse employee40.00H p/wk13.06 100%