Assembly technician

€ 16,14 - 20,51 per hour

full-time • 2 shifts • shift bonus • assembly • technical • travel allowance • growth opportunities • direct contract possible • forklift • reach-truck • stacker • tools • free hot beverages

Get started as an Assembly Technician at a high-tech packaging manufacturer! You'll work in a compact team of 5 skilled colleagues, all working in a two-shift system. Your role involves tackling intricate technical damage on returned packaging and sophisticated parts. You'll follow repair instructions and checklists meticulously to ensure optimal material utilization. Additionally, you'll handle associated administrative tasks while adhering to company safety, environmental, and cleanliness protocols.

In this capacity, you'll utilize equipment such as EPTs, stackers, and forklift trucks, along with a variety of tools. If you possess precision, teamwork skills, technical acumen, and hold valid logistics certifications, we enthusiastically encourage you to apply. We eagerly await the opportunity to meet you. If you have non-valid certificates, react anyway. We can help you with refreshment trainings to obtain new certificates!

What You'll Do As a Assembly Employee:

  • Ensure the quality of the delivered products.
  • Inspect and rectify various types of damage to packaging and sophisticated components.
  • Swap out components.
  • Manage administrative duties.
  • Offer proposals for mechanical functionality enhancements and aesthetic improvements.
  • Perform packing activities
  • Prepare packed goods for dispatch
  • Operate in an organized way
  • Use your logistic experience to correctly set your priorities
  • Safe and responsible use of tools and keeping them clean
  • Handling of administrative tasks
  • Operate Forklift, Reach-truck, EPT and Stacker trucks

Working hours:

Monday to Friday

Shift 1: 06:00 – 15:00

Shift 2: 15:00 – 00:00

Job benefits

  • Payment € 16,14 – 20,51 per hour including shift allowance
  • Shift bonus of 18% for every worked hour
  • Extra 10,5% vacation days (free days)
  • Extra 8,33% vacation money
  • Extra > € 30,00 per week NETT if you drive our company car with your colleagues
  • S3 kevlar safety shoes provided by the agency
  • Work with a friendly English-speaking team
  • Long-term job – multiple years is possible!
  • Possibility of a direct contract with the company
  • Guaranteed full-time
  • Work in a two shift rotation
  • Overtime is often available if you ask
  • Free transport to work and back (optional)
  • Travel allowance if you drive yourself
  • Free hot beverages: tea, coffee, and soups
  • Fresh fruit
  • Special treats (free snacks) several times per year
  • See extra EU-People benefits below

Job requirements

  • Have a valid forklift, reach truck, EPT and stacker certificate. In case of non-valid certificates, a refresh via agency is possible
  • Be available for up to 40 hours per week
  • Be wiling to have an in-person job interview
  • Know a bit of English (B1 or better)
  • Have some technical experience from a job

About the company

This company produces high-tech cases and pallets for the global transportation of expensive machine parts. The building has a cafeteria with free tea, coffee, and soup. You’ll find comfortable tables and booths to sit at. Many of our employees have received a direct contract. This could be you!

Check out the company in the video below:

EU-People benefits

At EU-People, we aim to make your working experience as carefree as possible. 

  • Salary paid out every Thursday (always on time and in full)
  • Optional company housing & transport (if available)
  • Optional health insurance (lower own risk and other benefits)
  • Earn up to €40 NET/week extra for driving the company car
  • We help you apply for Zorgtoeslag (€90/month)
  • We help you apply for tax discounts
  • We help you arrange your BSN*
  • Rental bikes available (optional)
  • SNA certified company
  • SNF certified housing
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Retirement arranged via STIPP

Our friendly team is always available for your questions, complaints, or feedback. Even outside office hours, in case of emergencies.

*depending on staff availability

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