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Apply with us for the best logistics and production jobs in the south of The Netherlands! We partner with great companies that offer good pay and working conditions. We guarantee a smooth start and a nice place to live.


Salaries are above minimum wage and we do whatever we can to offer fulltime hours. Our job coaches are ready to assist you, even outside of office hours in case of emergency. If there’ s an issue at work, we act quickly to solve it.

SNF certified

Comfortable and high quality housing

SNA certified

Trustworthy and high quality job opportunities

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NBBU certified

Fully compliant with the CAO for flex workers


Fully compliant with all tax payment duties

Create your 'Start in Holland' package:


± € 90/week
  • Fully equipped kitchens & bathrooms
  • Max 2 people per bedroom
  • Spacious living areas
  • Convenient locations


  • Earn extra for driving
  • Free transport to work
  • Modern vehicles
  • Bike rental available


± € 38/week
  • Free doctors visits
  • Reduced own-risk
  • Emergency dental care
  • Additional insurance

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