Assembly operator (wood)

€ 14,64 - 15,55 per hour

production • woodwork • assembly • full-time • 40 hours • travel allowance • English required • direct contract possible • forklift certificate preferred

We are seeking an Assembly Operator who knows how to work with wood to independently perform assembly tasks for industrial packaging. This role requires a high level of precision and adherence to safety standards, ensuring the quality of end products. The ideal candidate will be reliable, careful, and skilled in using various tools.

What You'll Do as an Assembly Operator:

  • Assembly Tasks: Perform the assembly of different components according to instruction drawings, ensuring all parts fit correctly and meet quality standards.
  • Tool Usage: Utilize a variety of woodworking tools, including mechanical saws, safely and effectively.
  • Dimension Monitoring: Ensure all assembled products comply with the specified dimensions, enhancing product integrity.
  • Safety Compliance: Adhere to safety protocols and use personal protective equipment (PPE) as required to maintain a safe working environment.

Work Schedule:

  • Full-time position with responsibilities primarily focused on assembly tasks.

Working hours:


Job benefits

  • Competitive salary of €14,64 per hour (incl ADV)
  • Extra 10,82% vacation days (free days)
  • Extra 8,33% vacation money
  • Extra > € 30,00 per week NETT if you drive our company car with your colleagues
  • S3 Kevlar safety shoes provided by the agency
  • A safety-first work environment with a strong emphasis on precise and careful workmanship
  • Opportunities for professional development and training in assembly and tool handling
  • Opportunities for professional development and growth
  • > 40 hours per week guaranteed
  • Weekly paid in full with digital pay slip
  • Overtime often available
  • Possibility of a direct contract with the company
  • Free transport to work (optional)
  • Travel allowance (when using your own car)
  • Free beverages: coffee, tea, and sodas
  • Nice cafetaria
  • Possibility to shower at work
  • See extra EU-People benefits below

Job requirements

  • Know a bit of English (B1 or better)
  • Be willing to do a job interview via video call
  • Understand technical drawings
  • Have some technical insight with experience in handling various tools and machines
  • Be physical capable to perform manual tasks such as lifting, bending, and reaching
  • Forklift certificate is an advantage but not mandatory

About the company

Join a team dedicated to excellence in the production of industrial packaging solutions. The role offers a chance to work in a structured environment where safety and quality are prioritized, providing a reliable foundation for product integrity and team success.

EU-People benefits

At EU-People, we aim to make your working experience as carefree as possible. 

  • Salary paid out every Thursday (always on time and in full)
  • Optional company housing & transport (if available)
  • Optional health insurance (lower own risk and other benefits)
  • Earn up to €40 NET/week extra for driving the company car
  • We help you apply for Zorgtoeslag (€90/month)
  • We help you apply for tax discounts
  • We help you arrange your BSN*
  • Rental bikes available (optional)
  • SNA certified company
  • SNF certified housing
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Retirement arranged via STIPP

Our friendly team is always available for your questions, complaints, or feedback. Even outside office hours, in case of emergencies.

*depending on staff availability

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