Warehouse employee (paper pick)

€ 13,64 per hour

warehouse • full-time • 40 hours • overtime available • ADV paid in salary • no experience required • heavy lifting • direct contract possible • paper pick • EPT • free meal • free beverages

As a warehouse worker, you'll perform various tasks within the warehouse of a traditional supermarket. Work as an all-round warehouse employee for a traditional supermarket warehouse. You'll play a huge role in the functioning of the warehouse!


What You'll Do As an All-round Warehouse Employee:

  • Order picking: pick orders with an EPT, using a Paper Pick system
  • Order packing: pack orders in shop-trolleysfor transport to supermarkets
  • Processing returns: process returned goods, cartons, plastics and packaging
  • Other warehouse tasks: help with other tasks if needed

Working hours:

7:00 – 16:00

Salary specification:

  • Starters salary of €13,64 + 1,05 (ADV) = 14,69
  • Overtime often available – up to 5h/wk


  • Extra 10,82% vacation days (free days)
  • Extra 8,33% vacation money
  • Extra > € 30,00 per week NETT if you drive our company car with your colleagues

Job benefits

  • Competitive salary of €14,69 – 19,08 per hour (including ADV)
  • ADV paid out in salary
  • Plus vacation days and vacation money
  • S3 Kevlar safety shoes provided by the agency
  • >40 hours per week (40 + overtime)
  • Overtime often available
  • Reliable and independent employee? You may work up to 45 hours per week!
  • Long-term job at a traditional paper pick warehouse
  • 4 day training by a mentor in English, Polish, or Bulgarian
  • Possibility of a direct contract with the company
  • Free transport to work and back
  • Travel allowance (when using a private car)
  • Company housing within 1,8km from work (optional)
  • Free meal if you work after 5PM
  • Free beverages: coffee, tea, and sodas
  • See extra EU-People benefits below

Job requirements

  • Be available for at least 40 hours per week.
  • Know at bit of English (at least A2).
  • Be able to lift sometimes heavy packages.
  • Ideally, have some EPT experience (not required).
  • Ideally, have some warehouse experience (not required).
  • Motivation is more important than experience.
  • Want to work long-term.
  • Be willing to make overtime or work on weekends (bonus payment).
  • Be a good multitasker and enjoy variation at work.

About the company

This warehouse supplies supermarkets that are “world-famous in Holland”. They have received several awards for being the “Most complete lowest pricing, high-quality supermarket of The Netherlands”. This supermarket chain is still growing because its stores are modern, professional, and have good fresh food departments. They have 1000-1500 m2 shop floors and offer A-brands and house brands in an assortment of over 6000 articles. On average, they are 10-15% cheaper than the competition. Many of our employees have received a direct contract at this warehouse – this could be you!

EU-People benefits

At EU-People, we aim to make your working experience as carefree as possible. 

  • Salary paid out every Thursday (always on time and in full)
  • Optional company housing & transport (if available)
  • Optional health insurance (lower own risk and other benefits)
  • Earn up to €40 NET/week extra for driving the company car
  • We help you apply for Zorgtoeslag (€90/month)
  • We help you apply for tax discounts
  • We help you arrange your BSN*
  • Rental bikes available (optional)
  • SNA certified company
  • SNF certified housing
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Retirement arranged via STIPP

Our friendly team is always available for your questions, complaints, or feedback. Even outside office hours, in case of emergencies.

*depending on staff availability

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