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The top 4 benefits of Dutch working conditions

Dutch working conditions

When working in The Netherlands, you should have Dutch working conditions, right? Apparently, that’s not always the case!

We’re seeing a trend where job agencies hire and contract people in their home country, then send them to The Netherlands to work – not according to Dutch working conditions, but according to the working conditions of their home country. By doing so, employees are getting fewer benefits than they would get otherwise.

At EU-People, we hire everyone as a Dutch employee, so you’ll always get Dutch working conditions. You’ll also earn the same salary as your Dutch colleagues! In this blog, we explain the benefits of Dutch working conditions. 

1. The best salaries in Europe

The Netherlands is among the best-paying countries in all of Europe (2022). When looking at NET salary, only Luxemburg pays better.

The minimum wage in The Netherlands for people of 21+ years old is €1.639 NET per month, or €10,14 gross per hour (when working 40 hours). That’s 1,7x higher than Spain, 2,6x higher than Lithuania, and 2,9x higher than Poland – after taxes!

When working with Dutch working conditions, you’ll have to get paid at least the Dutch minimum wage. If you work in The Netherlands but don’t have a Dutch contract, you may get less than the Dutch minimum wage – so watch out!

2. Vacation days and vacation money

There’s a very good work-life balance in The Netherlands. When working full-time, you’ll get at least 20 paid vacation days per year. Those 20 days are a “statutory” requirement and do not include public holidays.

20 vacation days is the legal minimum, but many companies offer at least 4-5 more per year. Those are called “extra-statutory” vacation days, which may be paid out in your salary instead. Your “statutory” vacation days are mandatory, so you will have to take those vacation days during the year in which you received them.

You’ll also get vacation money, which is at least 8% of the total salary that you’ve earned. Vacation money is mandatory by Dutch law and exists to help you enjoy your vacation even more.

You’ll only be able to enjoy these benefits if you have a Dutch contract with Dutch working conditions. When working via us at EU-People, your vacation money will be higher than the minimum: 8,33% instead of 8%.

3. Healthcare and insurance

When living and working in The Netherlands, you are required by law to get health insurance. If you earn less than €31.998 per year (2022), you can apply for Zorgtoeslag. With Zorgtoeslag, you’ll receive €111-212 per month (2022) to help you pay for your health insurance. 

If you’re working under a foreign contract (so not Dutch), you probably won’t be able to get a BSN in The Netherlands, which means you can’t get Dutch health insurance or Zorgtoeslag. As a result, you would only be covered for medical emergencies – IF you have travel insurance that covers that. If you need other types of medical care, you would have to stop work and go back to your home country, instead of getting the care you need directly in The Netherlands.

4. Social benefits

When you live and work in The Netherlands, you’re probably entitled to a lot of social benefits. For example, you may be able to request Zorgtoeslag, Extra-Territorial tax discount, Huurtoeslag, Kinderbijslag, and more. These benefits may add up to some serious additional money coming into your account each month. It can be difficult to arrange these subsidies, which is why our administration staff helps you with that for free if you’re an EU-People employee.

Summing up

The Netherlands is infamous for its high labor taxes, which can make a non-Dutch contract sound attractive. The reality is, that you get a lot of benefits in return, as you can see above! Especially when you have a lower income, there are many financial benefits, such as Zorgtoeslag, that you can enjoy if you have a Dutch contract with Dutch working conditions. Make sure you do your research and avoid getting scammed!


  1. It’s look very nice. I am from Bulgaria and here, employers and the state exploit me. I am barman and I have to work 230 hours per month for 1150€ salary (the darkest thing is that, this is really good salary for Bulgaria, Jesus Christ I work in the central of the capital) that’s terrible.
    And my insurance is above of 400€ that’s like nothing.

    1. Hi Boris, We’d love to offer you better working conditions in the Netherlands! We specialize in production and logistics jobs, but please feel free to apply with your full CV. Our recruiters will try to find an offer that fits your experience.

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