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HQ Pack is a producer of high-end flight cases and pallets used for the global transportation of expensive machine parts. These sophisticated cases are developed and produced internally and – for specialized customers – may contain lifting and hydraulic installations to safeguard the shipped products.

After usage, the flight cases are returned to HQ Pack for an extensive inspection, repair, and/or cleaning before being re-used. When cases are too damaged for reuse, they are recycled to produce new cases. Besides recycling, HQ Pack is also invested in solar power, having recently installed many solar panels on the roof of their building in Eindhoven.

When applying with us, you’ll work in a facility in Eindhoven or Nuenen. We have several jobs available with different experience requirements. Several roles include working in cleanrooms, which are controlled spaces with high standards of cleanliness. Cleanrooms are dust-free and may be an ideal work environment for people with allergies.

current offers

Assembler inside a cleanroom

This is the perfect job for people with a technical background. We’re hiring assemblers with some recent technical working experience or technical education to assemble high-tech transport cases in a cleanroom.
A cleanroom is a sterile room where

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Cleanroom employee - 23+ Y40 H p/wk11.88100

Carpenter with basic experience

If you have basic woodworking skills, you may make the cut for this job! We’re hiring people to precisely cut out tiles from big plates of wood.
These tiles will be used to build high-end flight cases. Every order is different, which makes the job

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Carpenter start salary - 23+ Y40 H p/wk11.88100

Foam production worker

If you can use a hairdryer, this job will be a breeze! ;) We’re hiring production workers to fuse layers of foam together with a heat gun. The foam covers the inside of high-tech transport cases.
For some foams heat isn’t enough, so you’ll use glu

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Production worker40 H p/wk11.88100

Foil cutter inside cleanroom

We’re hiring foil cutters with a good eye for detail and precision. Experience with, for example, sewing would be perfect! You’ll work inside extremely advanced and fully equipped cleanrooms.
Inside the cleanroom, you’ll precisely cut

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Production worker40 H p/wk11.88100

Forklift driver (long-term)

Know how to drive a Forklift truck? This long-term job may be just the thing you’re looking for! A high-tech packing company in Eindhoven is looking for Forklift drivers to support their professional team long-term.
Have a look at the video below

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Logistics employee - 23+Y40 H p/wk11.88100

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