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EU-People at your service!

EU-People believes in a free and cross-border labor market in accordance with law and regulations. With the right understanding of labor migrants and their needs, it is possible to alleviate the labor shortage in the Netherlands and strengthen the home country’s local economy as well.



In support of this vision, EU-People offers professional and long-term filling of your vacancies, now and in the future. By hiring flex workers, you can quickly adapt your staffing to changing business conditions. With over 15 years of expertise, we’ll find the perfect people to fit with your logistics or production company. Getting started has never been easier: simply request a free quote and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



Recruitment is a constantly moving field. Actively collecting feedback allows us to move with these motions and provide continuity for our clients and employees. Our excellent relocation package further supports this continuity. After all, dissatisfied people result in a high turnover and therefore high costs for our clients. In the EU-People philosophy, our clients and job candidates are all considered customers to us. We treat every customer with the respect and attention they deserve.



Profs for Profs

- We scout professionalism in all involved parties -

personal training

Team members are aided in their career, further improving their skill and ability to help our clients

professional team

Our team consists of carefully selected professionals

professional clients

Does the client operate by law? Is there a safe working atmosphere? Do direct managers speak sufficient English?

professional candidates

Are all the candidate's documents in order? Do they have a professional attitude? Do they speak sufficient English?


By assessing customer-specific requirements, the right candidate is selected, fully informed, and contracted

Finding a match

Not every professional client is a match for every professional candidate

Collecting feedback

By attentively collecting feedback, we continuously improve our services for both our clients and employees

learning moments

In moments of friction or discontent, our professional and well-informed approach is invaluable.

Always by the law

EU-People follows Dutch law and regulations very strictly. New laws are immediately implemented, allowing our clients to trust in our validity and professionalism at all times. Numerous certificates and recognitions, such as SNA, SNF, NEN-4400-1, VRO, and NBBU membership endorse the high quality of our organization. As a relatively small market player, but great in its performance, all EU-People temporary workers work in accordance with a Dutch employment contract and pay wage tax in the Netherlands. Correct deduction and perfect payment of tokens to the tax authorities are always ensured. Feel free to click any of the symbols below to view our up-to-date documents.

SNF certified

We meet the highest standards of quality housing for flex employees

SNA certified

We meet the highest standards of trustworthy and high quality job opportunities

NBBU certified

We are officially confirmed to comply with the CAO for flex workers


We are officially confirmed to comply with all tax payment duties

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