5 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Colleague Day

I appreciate you!

On the first Thursday of April, it’s National Colleague Day in the Netherlands! We’ve prepared a list of 5 fun ideas to help you celebrate.

How to make the most out of Spring in the Netherlands

Get ready to embrace the vibrant colors and lively spirit of Spring in the Netherlands! From the Keukenhof Gardens to the Flower Parade, join us as we list our top 4 Spring activities in the Netherlands.

What is ‘Aangifte Inkomsten-belasting’ & how can I file it?

Blog aangifte inkomstenbelasting

Discover why receiving an ‘aangifte inkomstenbelasting’ letter is more than just paperwork—it’s your ticket to potential refunds! Dive into our blog to unravel the mystery and make tax season a breeze!

All you need to know about Dutch work permits

Dutch work permit at IND

In this blog, we answer all your questions about Dutch work permits -based on high-quality information from the Dutch Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst (IND).

7 tips for writing an excellent CV

Personnel CV easily created.

Your CV is often your first impression when applying for a job. In this blog, we share 7 tips from our recruiters for writing an excellent CV that will help you get the job you want!

Signi Zoekhonden in Turkey

On February 11th, 2023, a team of Signi Zoekhonden arrived in Hatay in Turkey to help search for earthquake victims. In this blog, we keep you updated on the progress of their search.

How long can I work with a job agency in The Netherlands?

Terms of Flex Work

We often get the question – how long can I work for a job agency in The Netherlands? In this blog, we’ll answer that in detail with up-to-date information. The rules changed recently, so beware for outdated info online!

Maintenance tips for your car in the Netherlands

Driving a car in the Netherlands? In this blog we share some tips about car maintenance. From how to clean your car, to how to make sure it is safe to hit the road.

4 Magical winter activities in The Netherlands

Flex workers in the Netherlands enjoying a winter activity

It’s almost winter in The Netherlands! These 4 magical winter activities are exactly the motivation you need to get outside and enjoy the holiday spirit.

The top 4 benefits of a Dutch labor contract

Look at my Dutch labor contract!

The Netherlands is infamous for its high labor taxes, but the reality is that you get many benefits in return! In this blog, we share the top 4 benefits of a Dutch labor contract.